fake student card ireland


Fake student card offers a multitude of possible uses: paying for meals (cafeteria, coffee machine, snacks, etc.), accessing the copying service, equipment lending, book borrowing, accessing the educational system (schedule, notes, etc.), etc.

It allows you to offer a lot of services: your own services, as well as those of your service providers and partners. Students can make use of their student badge both inside and outside the school, particularly for specific additional offers (transport network, payment in local shops, etc.).


It is often easy to make a student card. It is up to you to do whatever is necessary in order to make your school’s badge secure and limit the risk of forgery. For this purpose, there are different levels of card customization:

  • 1st level: customization of personal data (surname, first name, etc.)
  • 2nd level: graphical customization (ID photo, specific card design, etc.)
  • 3rd level: encoding (contact or contactless chip), barcode, QR Code
  • 4th level: higher-level security elements (micro-text, holograms, lamination, etc.)

When you order a student card from us, you can expect a discreet and reliable service. Buy your fake student card in Ireland from our website today and enjoy the convenience of having an additional form of identification. Our realistic-looking cards will seamlessly blend in, providing you with the flexibility and peace of mind you need.

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